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2016-2017 GOALS

 Overarching Goal: 

The Augusta School Board is committed to continuously creating and improving conditions that support all learners succeeding; building on strengths and addressing challenges to meet the needs of each & every student. 


Neighborhood School Concept 

By June 2017, the School Board will present an analysis of, and make recommendations regarding the current neighborhood school concept in Augusta. 

Action Strategies: 

In order to evaluate the neighborhood school concept’s strengths, challenges and the extent to which it meets current and future needs, the School Board will form an ad hoc committee to conduct an analysis of the neighborhood school concept.  Committee membership will consist of Board members, administrators, teachers, and community members.                                   

The process will include financial analysis, review of logistical restrictions and mandates, completion of surveys, utilization of data from the Future Search work, gathering and summarizing information about effectiveness of neighborhood schools in education literature, and reactions from sharing findings in a public forum. 

Based on the findings of the committee and data from the public forum, recommendation(s) regarding neighborhood schools will be drafted and presented to the full Board. 


Board Development 

By June 2017, the Augusta School Board will be a cohesive team committed to developing and refining Boardsmanship skills as measured by a board self-evaluation survey. 

Action Strategies:  

The Board will engage in multiple professional development opportunities through Board retreats, workshops, conferences and/or follow-up trainings that will focus on group dynamics communication and negotiation strategies, and trust. Expected outcomes will be a team that is: 

     *  Clear about their purpose as a team

     *  Clear about the team’s roles in fulfilling that purpose

     *  Adept at using meaningful norms/ground rules to support its work

     *  Skillful at using protocols/processes to structure its work

     *  Effective in making decisions as a team

     *  Respectful and supportive of one another as team members

     *  Reflective about their practice as a team in order to continuously improve their performance 


Augusta – Community Outreach 

By June 2017, a plan for Board communications aimed at improving public perception and community relationships will be completed and implementation begun. 

Action Strategies

A Board ad hoc committee will identify audiences and recommend important messages to be communicated. (How do we want to grow community relationships?) 

Identify major strategies to be used in communicating the messages and requesting input (Board newsletters, TV presentations/interviews/conversations, flyers/brochures distributed across town, regular informal listening sessions, etc.) 

Identify methods of determining the extent to which the public perception and community relations are improving (feedback mechanisms)